– from our extensive supplier network.

Main Suppliers:

Main Supplier Siegenia
Main Supplier Hautau
Main Supplier Iseo
Main Supplier PN

Some of our other suppliers:

Supplier DENI
Supplier UCS
Supplier Fapim
Supplier FKS
Supplier GIESSE
Supplier GKG
Supplier STADUR
Supplier Aralco

The ROTO PN range covers hardware systems for production of windows and doors in 4 different groove systems:

  • PN System 700
  • PN Combi 500
  • PN Combi 900 og
  • PN UNI

See a picture gallery below. Contact us for further information about ROTO-PN products.

PN Beslagfabrik

The ISEO product range among other things consists of:

  • ZERO 1 electronic solutions with ARGO APP
  • Mechanical cylinders
  • Electromechanical cylinders
  • Anti-panic solutions
  • Security door locks
  • Electronic door locks

See a picture gallery of different ISEO solutions below. Contact us for further information about ISEO products.

Iseo Serrature

MILA and SIEGENIA have been partners for more than 40 years.
This means that our businesses have developed together, and that SIEGENIA more than any other brand has adapted and developed products for the Scandinavian markets. Our customers, therefore, bebefit from an international heavy weight producer in combination with MILA´s own, more customer bespoke solutions.
Thus our customers can be sure that we can offer the most ideal hardware solution, either as a 100% SIEGENIA – or as a combined SIEGENIA / MILA GARANT-solution.

Technical Know-How

With 40 years of SIEGENIA experience MILA´s sales- and technical staff naturally are experts in this area. We advise our customers about both small and bigger aspects, and we take pride in assisting our customers.

High Delivery Performance

MILA stock more than 1000 SIEGENIA articles for day to day delivery. To optimize our delivery performance we agree with our customers which articles are stocked. The volume in stock of each article is based on either historical data or specific customer forecasts.

See a picture gallery of different SIEGENIA solutions below. Contact us for further information about SIEGENIA products.


The HAUTAU product portfolio covers four core areas:

  • ATRIUM slide fittings
  • PRIMAT fanlight openers
  • TORNADO pivot sash fittings
  • Window-related building automation.

See a picture gallery of different HAUTAU solutions below. Contact us for further information about HAUTAU products.


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